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Diamond Mining in Democratic Republic of The Congo - Overview

A profile of Diamond Mining in Democratic Republic of The Congo with directories . In mid-2004 the Kimberley Process struck the country off its list of certifiable.

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diamond producing countries in africa fact sheet - World Diamond .

FOR MEDIA USE legitimate diamond supply chain. As a member of the Kimberley Process customers can rest assured that the diamonds mined in the DRC are.

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Why "Conflict-Free" Diamonds Are Unreliable: Kimberley Process is .

Sep 14, 2011 . The Kimberley Process was established to prevent diamond sales from . is being sued for secretly mining blood diamonds in the Congo.

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Africa: Mining - World news | NBC News

Jun 26, 2009 . A diamond's journey: From the mines in Africa, to polishers in India, to retailers in the . The sprawling Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with an . The country is now a member of the Kimberley Process, but only time will.

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A particular issue for the country is land mines, laid during the civil war, which . During the civil war in the DRC, rebel groups traded diamonds to fund armed conflict. . The DRC is a participant of the Kimberley Process and currently produces.

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Put a Stop to Blood Diamonds | AIUSA

Diamonds have fuelled the conflict in the Congo (DRC), the bloodiest war since . to support the Kimberley Process by tracking diamonds from mines all the way.

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Conflict Diamond Trade in Africa & South America: Violence .

Violence still plagues many diamond mines, with local populations displaced to make . fueled by diamonds: Sierra Leone, Liberia, Angosecond hand ball mills for iron ore in jaipurla, the Republic of Congo, . to diamond mining resulted in the establishment of the Kimberley Process,.

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