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Round Bale Feeder - YouTube

/youtube?q=round+bale+feeding&v=MrsKuH5IGXA Oct 30, 2011 . Here is Valmetal's round bale feeder on rail. You can also feed small and big square bales. No more back pain, it is now easy to feed hay to.

Feeding Large Round Bales This Winter - Department of Animal .

The wide usage of large package, round bales for feeding beef herds has made hay feeding more labor efficient, but may offer a number of management.

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Round Hay Bales: What Horse Owners Should Know | Horses .

Feb 28, 2012 . University of Minnesota Extension's Selecting a Round-Bale Feeder For Use During Horse Feeding compares nine round-bale feeder designs.

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Choosing, Storing and Feeding Round Hay Bales to Horses

The benefit of round bales is that they can be stored outside, although a percentage of the bale is wasted by weathering, and they can be left in a horse's pasture or paddock for longer-term feeding. But if you don't have a building, tarps held away from the bales with.

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Round Bale Feeder | Round Bale Hay Feeders - Horse Hay Feeders

Hayhuts are covered hay feeders which accommodate large round hay bales saving time and money.

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Plastic Round Bale Horse Feeders & Hay Nets for Round Bales

Get more out of each bale with a round bale hay net from Cinch Chix. The Cinch Net slow feeder is university proven to help your horse and decrease waste.

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Big Bale Buddy,Round Bale Feeder

New concept in round bale feeders, lightweight, easy to use, durable, affordable. save your hay. Save your Money. Big Bale Buddy.

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The Hay Manager, Round Bale Feeder

Round Bale Feeder for livestock and tle herds. . The Hay Manager is a round bale feeder that was first built in 1997. The idea refined by Ted Lacey was.

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Horse Feeders | Horse Hay Feeders | Round Bale Feeders

The Hayhut is an all weather, enclosed horse hay feeder which accomodates round bales and reduces cost.

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